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Small Town, Big Vision

 Our radio station services Amherstburg, Ontario. We are available around the world to be streamed through our website, but our focus is on our beautiful town, Amherstburg. Each day the Town continues to grow with new developments, businesses, activities, etc. and we are growing with them.



Amherstburg is growing at “20% increase in visitation year after year” (Town of Amherstburg Demographics). This increase is due to its rich history, community events and location with a milder climate being in Southwestern, Ontario. We are not only the first, but we are also the only FM station dedicated to Amherstburg. We want visitors to tune in and hear all about Amherstburg; events, historical moments, places to go, etc.


Radio Advertising

We here at CKBG want to help you brand your business. We have affordable rates that will fit within your budget. We want to help you spread the word about your business, event, fundraiser, etc. We not only offer great rates, but we have the added value of further promotion through our social media and website. We value you and your business and want to help you to achieve your goals. Email for more information and to connect with one of our sales reps.  


Live Remote

We love joining the community at local events to help further promote what is happening in and around Amherstburg. On our live remotes, you will have live music played directly from our station and a host on site to do live interviews with organizers, community members, vendors, etc. What better way to attract more visitors than to have your event live on air!


Media Sponsorships

We are licensed and regulated by the CRTC following their guidelines. Gaining a media sponsorship through a regulated entity will help to give further credibility and exposure to your event.



"Amherstburg is lucky to have a radio station like 107.9 CKBG.   I have had the pleasure of dealing with a number of their on and off air employees and every single time it was a delight. 107.9 CKBG is filled with amazing people looking to help the community in any way they can. When the North Star Wolves Football Program was in danger of folding, 107.9 CKBG staff was quick to reach out to offer any assistance they could offer.  In the following days, 107.9 CKBG on air talent passionately spoke about the affect high school football had on them and the importance to keep it around. 107.9 CKBG played a big part in keeping the North Star Wolves Football Program alive. In the following months, 107.9 invited me on their airways to speak with the very talented Spencer Duby to promote the North Star Wolves Football Program, talk about my players and their accomplishments and promote upcoming events.  Most recently, 107.9 reached out to the Norrh Star Wolves Football Booster Club to offer their assistance in two major fundraising events.  107.9 became the officially media sponsor  and ran ads for over a month for the Booster Club's Shooter's Pasta Dinner &  Cornhole Tournament. I can't thank 107.9 CKBG enough for what they have done. They go above and beyond at every level." - Joel Charron Head Coach of North Star Wolves Football Team

"Thanks so much to CKBG for their excellent customer service. We are proud to work with and support another local business in Amherstburg. CKBG worked with us to design tailored ads for our business, providing us with additional marketing opportunities we hadn't previously explored. They are a great partner to work with." -Fort Malden Animal Hospital